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Up after a shower. Men shower stall cam gay It Naked cock old men in shower an uncomfortable posture for all involved. BoysFirstTime Video: The threat of getting paddled kept most guys in line.

The worst paddling I witnessed was in 8th grade with the same gym teacher. We were doing gymnastics and the trampoline was the most popular. The teacher was out of the room and a couple of guys thought it would be a good idea if they threw tennis shoes at the person on the trampoline when their time was up.

The teacher came back in the gym just as these two were tossing the shoes. He gave each of them three hard swats. Their asses were beet red later in the showers.

That ended the shoe throwing. Oh, Lawsy, if I'd ever been subject to a strap check in my tender years, I would have climaxed in my gym shorts Dietas rapidas, navy blue with gold lettering right Naked cock old men in shower the spot. The first teacher I ever saw at my grade school was Mr. Higgins, a twenty-something military type with a flattop crew cut and well-muscled under a tight white tee-shirt and green khakis.

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He barked at everyone in the foyer to go to the gym until classes started. I was terrified of him. I went to Naked cock old men in shower initial first grade physical education class and discovered Mr. Higgins was the teacher. He led us into the locker room to tell us how to put our clothes in a locker.

He took off his shoes and placed them on the floor of an open locker. Easy enough. Then he tugged his tee-shirt out of his pants and pulled it over his head. Unexpected by me. His nipples were stretched on his bare chest while his Naked cock old men in shower were raised, and then they rested on the lower rims of his pecs.

They were glorious. I never looked at quarters the same way again.

There was a triangle of hair spanning his chest, as well. My eyes were swimming as he put the tee-shirt on a hook in the locker. He unfastened his belt, unzipped, and took off his khakis. They were hung next to the tee-shirt. He was left only wearing his boxer shorts. The prolific dark hair on his legs caught my eye. Then he tucked his thumbs under the waistband of the boxers and slid them down, kicking them away.

But, all the hair surrounding it, I had never seen pubic hair before. It was like a modern-day chia pet, thick and black and curly, and counter to his flat top Naked cock old men in shower.

I was senseless. We got a view of his rounded hairy ass, completing the picture, when he turned to put his boxers Pacific pines coast on. We Naked cock old men in shower Red Rover that day.

I think. One teacher had to remind me to pay attention.

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Higgins married one of the other first grade teachers after the school year was over. Can you imagine if a gym teacher stripped naked in front of first graders in this day and age? He would be lead story on the TV news. It must have been acceptable then. I know we kids talked about it afterward, and if we talked about it among ourselves, someone was bound to tell Naked cock old men in shower parents.

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I Dietas rapidas love a large bush on a man, especially on men with tightly-cut hair on their heads. It really struck me. But maybe we all think a bush is huge when we see one for the first time. Higgins must Naked cock old men in shower in his 80s now. I remember him, and I still have his picture in our photo class book from that school year. What a trigger….

The frauen did away with the mandatory showers. Because she didn't want Sklyer to have anyone see his peepee. Nope, R, every word is true. If my memories are not wanted on this board, I will be happy to comply with your editorial suggestions.

I don't need to Naked cock old men in shower contributing, but a question was asked, I thought about my past experience and I elected to share. Thank you for your astute words of encouragement.

We had to shower in, I guess 8th grade and freshman year of high school, which was the early 80's. We'd also go swimming, with our class and with our scout troop. Only one boy in my class had pubes and wore a jock strap. Naked cock old men in shower "older brothers' year old's had pubes and stuff. My gym teacher was a hot, tight, fire plug of a man.

Too cute.


I loved watching him in his shower routine. Our troop master, was a pedo. He'd strip naked at the drop of a hat Naked cock old men in shower front of the troop year olds I remember the over-nights, he'd pick his favorite boy, and they'd perdiendo peso in two zippered up sleeping bags.

THAT troop leader later was arrested for having sex with under aged boys R I remember I think it was swimming lessons but our instructor got naked and took a shower in front of us. It wasn't at a school. I remember all the boys in the class went over and stared at him.

Weirdly, I wasn't interested at all, I thought men were weird and gross until Naked cock old men in shower later. Exactly why did showering stop?


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And does the ban apply to high school sports teams too? I played through jr hs and hs and college. I loved the camaraderie of being on teams. The busses to away games. The showers. I remember a few guys I found stunning. I liked charming and cocky guys with huge smiles.

I don't know how it is now but in my day any kid playing competitive sport had a great body so that was a given. The guys with average to large dicks think it's prudish to not want to have other guys see your dick. There's no need for communal showering, where it's all for show. Have some sympathy for the small dick Naked cock old men in shower please. R, Naked cock old men in shower you are very young and brought up in more recent, Adelgazar 30 kilos, post-board short days.

Does no one remember the threads on early-to-mid 20th century swimteam group photos in which the boys were routinely frontally naked, even when the team was mixed-sex?

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I tried to believe they were faked, but I don't think they were. I think Americans were just more relaxed about male nudity then—and I'm not much older, I grew up in the 70s and 80s. Something changed quickly with Naked cock old men in shower 60s and after. R asks a good question about athletic teams. Does this group Naked cock old men in shower continue after meets? Maybe all meets are held now in places where there are individual showers with opaque or merely translucent doors. R, frontally naked swim team group photos, you say?

Why should boys be forced to display themselves while women were not? If I was a swim team member back then, I'd be pissed that I have to show everything because of my Adelgazar 10 kilos. We've gone forward as far as I'm concerned. R -- we went home and showered.

You got on the bus sweaty and the trip back to school was never more than a half hour, usually minutes. This was baseball. You were in charge of laundering your uniform too, which saved the school money and the hassle of having laundry machines and getting people to wash uniforms.

Most families thought this was a much better system than having to wait for their sons to change and shower after the game. I enjoy showering with other men after working out at the gym. Not only for seeing others, but showing off my own body as well. Unfortunately, the experience has become less enjoyable since they've put doors and partitions on the Naked cock old men in shower.

I'm not sure if it stems from being required to shower in PE class, but there definitely is something liberating and thrilling about being completely nude in front of others. Yes, it is atavistic but essential to the male psyche.

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Male rites of passage have all been quashed in our culture in the name of "progress" but you can't ignore the fact that it's part of our tribal DNA. To be forced to be naked in front of others against your will is in our DNA?

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Get the hell outta here. My hottest memories of my all boy Catholic HS in the late sixties are all in the locker room. Nude classmates, sweaty, dirty jockstraps, just the SMELL had me in a state of horniness from day one. Just being around all those healthy boys.

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I sound like Myron Breckenridge. These threads--there was one about the "towel dance" and younger guys not showering at the gym-- are weird AF. Like all the creepers have a place to meet up.

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Maybe antiperspirants are stronger these days? None of my friends really stinks no matter how sweaty they get.

Not that they smell like roses, but it's never gag-worthy.

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Fuck off, "weird AF" R It's so ironic and short-sighted when the marginalized marginalize, like millennial pearl clutching. Let your freak flags fly, "creepers". These people are psychotic.

In high school we were required to shower after Phys ed. I still remember the first day in the locker room seeing all my teammates and guys I had crushes on taking off their clothes and completely naked in the showers. I used to masturbate frequently. Is it still a requirement to take showers after playing sports in high school? If not, why did this change? For those that did, do any of you remember Naked cock old men in shower first time you were required to take your clothes off and shower with your classmates? My neighbor is nude Old in cock shower men Naked.

I love naked men and locker room stories as much as the next Mary, but this retarded allegation that being Naked cock old men in shower in front of other men is in the male DNA and a required rite of passage is just ridiculous. I'm R3, and I never had to shower after gym in HS, I was worried I'd have to until orientation and they said we didn't. I would have Naked cock old men in shower scared shit less to have to be naked in front of other guys, I was closeted, shy, not in shape, and had been bullied in elementary school.

If you had a good time with this Dietas faciles a kid, great.

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Don't try to enforce YOUR fun times on kids who would not enjoy it at all. It's probably like three or four guys R and there's something about it that gets them completely riled up--both about how fucking amazing it was and how awful it is that it's stopped now. It was kind of amusing at first, but now it's just creepy. I just hope none of them are around children. The Boomers were Naked cock old men in shower to male social nudity.

With them, a real man would be fine without hanging with other men in a non sexual way, because they did all the time in the locker room and showers. Generation X and Millennials, with smaller families, so that boys did not have a share a bedroom with their brothers, and the lack of showering after gym class, were not accustomed to male social nudity. I don't think they need to be bared from kids, a little overboard there.

But it's almost like toxic Dietas rapidas, hell the one above told me to man up, I'm R btw as well as R3.

Let's say my chubby, closeted gay 14 year old self had to take showers and got a boner and was mercilessly bullied over it. Would you tell me to man up then? Um, Millenials are the largest generation ever, I'm a vanguard millenial and I shared a bedroom with my brother until I was I'm thinking sharing Naked cock old men in shower bedroom with a sibling has a lot more to do with social class than with which generation you were born in.

One could probably be arrested in the US and Naked cock old men in shower a shitload of trouble for even googling for such images in I'd sue, why should I have to be naked just because I have a penis? The reasoning was so stupid. I distinctly remember the first time. Me and a few other nerds dallied.

The guys who played Freshman football had been through this the Summer before school began, and they Naked cock old men in shower already showering. There were about 5 of us. Finally Allen B. The rest of us followed.

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Thanks for the pics, R For a second there the thread was about to be hijacked by tender flowers and snowflakes. I'm still flabbergasted.

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Every male swim team member's dick was out there for everyone who saw the yearbook. I can't get my mind around the fact that people a generation or less Naked cock old men in shower than me would not have a problem with this—I'll have to think of an excuse to ask my parents about it never saw anything like this in their yearbooks, btw.

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I don't think they were R There's an interesting article about it here. Kinda strange, but hot at the same time. They could be from German yearbooks. They have a quite different relationship to nudity.

Look at Bravo magazine. You're joking, yes?

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You were neither bullied nor hazed. Tested just like when you apply for a job or when you Naked cock old men in shower a relationship or become a part of any social group.

Remember those Ivy League "posture photos" where the freshmen were forced to pose for black and white nudes, front back and side. I think this stopped in the late 70s. I wonder what Jodie Foster's look like. First of all, that was a hypothetical, fool.

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It didn't happen. I was in 7th grade in ''87, and then we were made to shower, although by 9th grade we were allowed to just towel off. But in 7th grade there was Brian. Brian Naked cock old men in shower tall, athletic, good-looking, very nice but a little dumb. He was not shy at all about taking a shower, and for good reason -- I guesstimated that his dick was 5 inches limp.

At that age! One day, he walked past me naked, and I checked out his butt.

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It was red, as Naked cock old men in shower he had been spanked or something. The next day or so, I was eating lunch with a couple guys, and they told me that Brian told them that he had a Naked cock old men in shower room mishap I don't remember what exactly that caused his butt to be really red.

Oh, how they laughed and laughed. I had admitted that I looked at a guy's butt. There were a number of good-looking guys with nice bodies in my middle school gym classes. Our coach seemed a little pervy. His office was right next to the lockers and he would watch us through his window while we undressed and dressed.

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He assigned the lockers and the early developers like myself always seemed to get assigned to the lockers right in front of his office. He also took his daily shower with the boys in the last period gym class. InI spent much of the summer prior to seventh grade filled with anxiety over having to shower with my classmates in PE. I had the typical worries about penis size, hairiness and Naked cock old men in shower I would react to seeing the other kids naked and how I would stack up.

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Well the first day of class roles around and we are all in the locker room and the coach is telling us to hurry up and shower. As we all nervously headed to the showers I was taken aback but the wide range of development- from a couple of Naked cock old men in shower cocks with full Bush on little boy bodies, mid stage puberty with some pubes and cocks proportionate to our growing bodies and then there were the boys with some pines but still very small cocks and finally the boys who had no pubes and child sized cocks.

I was at mid stage and only the two boys with freakish man sized cocks were bigger than me and this guy named Arnold whose development was Dietas faciles the same as mine. I developed a great deal of confidence from being in the top 5 biggest in class it was sweet revenge when a kid who was always an asshole to me in sixth grade had the locker next to me and he undressed revealing a hairless, tiny baby cock.

I made sure to always face him when I toweled off and even made an extra show of toweling off my pubes. Disappointed I found a swim team and joined that to get my fix of teen shower fun. I could write Naked cock old men in shower whole seperate post about that bunch of guys.

People often overlook the importance of the shower as a learning environment. That is why as a ninth grade English teacher, I require students to shower at the end of class. Gay became known, and horseplay between men now had an ugly label. Boys could not longer experiment without being gay. It should be pointed out that there are still 3 YWCA's that are allowed to be all female as well as curves and living well lady but all male gyms are illegal in Naked cock old men in shower the US.

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Can you guys imagine the kids today ever enduring a paddle for not wearing a jockstrap or not showering? They would all go running home, crying to their Helicopter Moms and there would be lawsuits.

Should any kid be paddled, Naked cock old men in shower all? Not to mention for something as stupid as not wearing the proper underpanties for activity time?

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If corporal punishment is to be used, if you can't do the job with your hand, then you shouldn't engage in that type of punishment, period. But that is a whole nother thread. One of the Phys Ed teachers, Mr. Sporty Boy 4 months ago.

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